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Express Custom Reports

Build powerful reports in 30 seconds with revolutionary new interface.
No learning curve.


Batch Bin Transfer

Consolidate hundreds of items into one location in minutes.


Batch Check In, Batch Check Out

Process multiple pieces of evidence faster. Dispose of hundreds of items in minutes.


Improved Work Flow, Search, and Reports

Reports and options right where you need them, when you need them.


Unparalleled User Customization

Move, rename, and hide Evidence Log fields to make the program fit you.


Upgraded Evidence Log

Take advantage of more user-defined fields and improved field lengths.


Pictures & Attachments

Connect images and documents to any evidence item.


Upgraded Quartermaster Module

Manage your department equipment with drastically upgraded Asset Log.


12 Additional Months of Updates

All user-requested features released as part of PMI Evidence Tracker Version 7 are included. Need something specific? Just ask.


12 Additional Months Unrivaled Help & Support

Our team helps you get the job done the right way the first time with US-based customer support.

Plus many, many more improvements. Too many to list here. Read more on our blog.


Fully-customizable Evidence Log Adapts To Your Department

Our police-friendly design and user customization ensure that Evidence Tracker conforms to your needs, not the other way around.

Self-aware Custody Log Streamlines Your Evidence Management

Self-aware Custody Log.

Track every change of custody with ease, and print out convenient reports whenever needed.

Batch Check In and Batch Check Out

Batch Check In Batch Check Out.

Sign multiple items into and out of the evidence room with ease. Scan the barcode, log the transaction, and print the receipt. It's that simple for thousands of items at a time.

Read more about Evidence Batch Out on our blog.

Usable On Day 1 With Standard Reports

Standard Reports for everyday use.

Start tracking evidence immediately with the standard reports that your department needs.

Custom Reports For Specific Situations

Customr Reports give you control.

Build customized reports in seconds to get the answers that you're looking for.

Read more about building easy custom reports on our blog.



We're here to help.

Our US-based Help & Support team helps you get the job done. While other companies outsource their support to other countries, PMI maintains a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in Northern Florida. Making sure you get the most out of our system is important enough to us to go the extra mile.

12 Months Free Support & Updates

Every PMI Evidence Tracker system includes 12 months of free tech support and software updates. Want a hand setting up the system? We are here. Questions about the program or building reports? Call us. Our program makes evidence tracking faster and our team makes it easy.

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Our Blog

Want more details about how you can streamline your work flow to save time and money with our product? Check out our blog. PMI Evidence Tracker News has the latest on our innovative and time-saving features. Have a request for a new feature? Talk directly with the product team. Get what you need in your hands.

Our YouTube Channel

Ready to see PMI Evidence Tracker in action? Can't wait for a live web demo? Check out our YouTube channel! Evidence Tracker YouTube has everything from training videos to feature announcements. Immerse yourself in our product so you see how much we can help you get the job done.

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