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Reports – I get an error about “margins” when I generate a report.

Evidence Tracker prints reports to the Windows Default Printer. If you have the Label Printer set as the Windows Default, it is attempting to fit an 8 by 11 report on a 4 by 3 label. That will not fit. To fix:

-(Windows 7) Go to Start -> Devices and Printers
or (Windows XP) Go to Start -> Printers and Faxes.
-Then right-click the printer you want as your report printer.
-Then click “Set as default printer”.


This only happens in version 1.4.  Upgrade to Version 7 today.

Sending us the SQL Server DB

Need to send your SQL Server database files to us for troubleshooting?

This can be a bit of a process.  If you have any questions we recommend that you ask for help from your IT group or PMI Tech Support.

First you need to know where the database files are.  Most stand-alone setups install them in
C:\Program Files (x86\PMI\database\ .
Larger groups with a full IT department generally put them on a separate data partition.  Again, ask your IT group if you don’t know. They’ll likely do it for you.

Second, once you’ve located the files you need, you’ll need to tell SQL Server to write changes to them and unlock them.  That’s as simple as stopping the service for the SQL Server instance, copying the files, and starting it back up.

To stop the service for the SQL Server instance:

Hold down the Windows key and press R.

Type services.msc into that box.  Click OK.

The Services window should open up.  If Windows UAC or anything else asks you a question along the way select Yes or Allow.

In this list of services you want to find one named
SQL Server (name) where name is the name of the instance you use for Evidence Tracker.

The name of the instance you use is at the top of the main window in Evidence Tracker.

Make sure nobody else is using the database.  Then select the instance that you use and click Stop.

Copy the .mdf and .ldf files you and IT identified earlier.

With the correct service still selected click Start.

Resume normal operation of the database.

Once you’ve made a copy of the database files to send please ZIP them up and send them to support.  The easiest way to send us files is the Share option on the main support page.