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Main Screen

The first screen you see when you open the program should look like a search engine.  At this screen you can search for evidence or add new evidence.

Add New

This button takes you directly into the Evidence Log.  It automatically adds a new entry that is ready for you to edit.


This button searches for evidence that matches what you type in the text box above it, much like how popular search engines work.

Quick instructions:

  1. Click inside the white text box.
  2. Scan a barcode  OR  Type the name of a suspect (for example).
  3. Click Find.

Selecting the columns to be searched and shown

By default the Find feature will try to match what you searched for with evidence based on the ID field columns and the core set of fields.  These include the most common fields such as Case Number, Tracking Number, Victim, Suspect, Offense, and so on.  The full list of ID field columns and core columns is available as a tool tip on the field selection menu.

To open the field selection menu click on the magnifying glass and gear icon on the right of the text field.  A menu will pop out for you to select which groups of fields you want to be searched and shown.  As you mouse over each group you will see which fields are a part of that group.

For simplicity’s sake the list of fields to search and the list of fields to show in the results is edited at the same time.  This is intended to be a quick and direct search right from the main screen.  For more complex searches we recommended that you use the Express Custom Reports function.