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Archiving a case

Archive a case when all items have been permanently signed out of your evidence room.  This happens when all items are returned to the owner, destroyed, or otherwise permanently transferred to another agency (FBI, Secret Service, Community Use).

Before a case can be archived

  • The item is marked Inactive
  • The Date of Disposition is set
  • The item has been checked out of your evidence room to its final resting place (return to owner, destroyed, or permanently transferred to some other agency)
  • All items in the case have been similarly marked

The easiest way to accomplish this is using the Final Out option on the Custody Log.

To archive a case:

From the main screen:

  1. Click Archive, click Archive Case.
  2. Select a case number.
  3. Click Archive One.
    To archive all possible cases at once click Archive All.

After you archive a case:

You can view the data on the Archived Case and Custody Report.