Built-In Reports

Under the Reports tab you will find reports that will help you better organize and maintain your property room.

Case and Custody Report

The Case and Custody Report shows the Chain of Custody for every piece of evidence in a case.

Cases Out Report

The ‘Cases Out’ report is designed to furnish a list of all active pieces of evidence that have been signed out of your property room and have not been returned.

Archive Case and Custody Report

The ‘Archive Case and Custody’ report is structured the same as the Case and Custody report previously described, except it only reports on cases that have been archived.

Inactive Cases Report

The ‘Inactive Cases’ report is designed to give you a list of all cases that have been marked as ‘Inactive’ in the Evidence Log.

The ‘Inactive Cases’ report can be used as a review to determine which pieces of evidence can be disposed of or to decide which cases can be archived.

90 Day Review Report

The ‘90 Day Review’ report lists items that should be looked at to be purged.  The report will reflect all items where the current date has exceeded 90 days from the recovery date and where the 90 day review box has been checked.

Disposition Report

The ‘Disposition’ report is used to furnish a list of the items in your property room whose status is marked as active and have been tagged for disposal in the Evidence Log.   The report can be printed out and submitted as an attachment to your requisition to the court for authorization to dispose of evidence.

Property Receipt by Tracking Number

A Property Receipt helps you maintain a paper trail.  Any time you check evidence into or out of your evidence room you have the person who picks it up sign a property receipt.  This way you can document that the evidence has left your custody and has entered theirs.

A property receipt would be used anytime the Custody Log is involved: when you dispose of an item, when you return it to the owner, when you send something out for testing or for court, and when it’s returned to your evidence room.

Property Receipt by Case Number

The ‘Property Receipt by Case Number’ works just like the ‘Property Receipt by Tracking Number’ except instead of entering item numbers you only enter the case number for which you want to create a receipt.  One receipt will be generated that will have listed all pieces of evidence that were entered under the selected case number in the Evidence Log.

Printing the reports

Click the print button at the top of the page to print the report.

Exporting to PDF or Excel

Click the Disk icon at the top of the page, then select PDF or Excel.